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Aug 12, 2009 11:35pm EDT
%. >> san francisco might well be the capital city of this sexual exploration and certainly being open about it as we are. >> not judgmental. >> nonjudgmental. >> so perhaps it's not surprise that san francisco is home to what may be the cutting edge of female sexploration. not your average yoga studio. there's 15 minutes of quiet meditation. >> becoming an explorer of the breasts. >> also a warm-up. when the bell sends again, the gloves go on the men, the pants come off the women and soon the studio erupts in female ecstasy. at one taste they do this at least once every single day. >> it kind of looks like a yoga class. >> doesn't it? >> but with a much different finish. 15 minutes? >> 15 minutes. >> that's a lot of orgasms. >> a lot of orgasms. >> for an outsider it's uncomfortable to watch, but the participants seem to enjoy it. >> i had a sensation of a big bang. >> a burst of orange. >> i stayed in the silence of breen breasts. >> i mean, it's an unusual way to start your monday. >> a great way to start your monday. >> most have day jobs. >> i work for the city of san francisco. >> this
Aug 2, 2009 11:00am EDT
: that is true. we're talk about people in areas like we live in. >>host: even more so. san francisco. to some extent big cities where you won't find many conservatives. >>guest: no, you don't. one of the interesting things is there are a lot more of less than generally analysis. i looked at the stats for the past elections, the numbers. even cambridge, massachusetts, you have five or 6,000 people who voted for mccain. now presumably every single one of those people has been called a fascist at least once, but there are a lot of them out there. >>host: how about at san francisco where you expect no republicans. >>guest: absolutely. i put together our roundtable. hosted by a lovely guy. a gay couple. they were talking about, very amusingly, how much harder it is to be conservative in a place like san francisco, than to be gay. >>host: a wonderful story about a guy who wears a t-shirt, and the t-shirt is in san francisco, says war has never solved anything except fascism, communism, slavery. people see that t-shirt and say right on because they don't read it. he says they can't process it. that
Aug 17, 2009 2:30am EDT
of "the san francisco examiner" questions were to become routine. >> we don't know who they are or when we'll hear from them. >> a few days later they did. a tape recording was dropped off at a local radio station. >> mom, dad, i'm okay. i had a few scrapes and stuff and they washed them up. i think it was a way of confirming that i was alive. i'm with a combat unit that's armed with automatic weapons and and there's no way i will be released until they let me go. >> the next voice was that of a man who called himself general field marshall sin q. >> whatever happens to your daughter is your responsibility and the authorities you represent. >> most people had never heard of sin q or the shadowy group he claimed to lead. >> the kidnappers are members of the simbian east liberation army. >> there was a pathetic mediocre sort of after spasm of the best part of the '60s. >> blackburn's introduction to the sla was months earlier. it was november 6, 1973 when the then unknown sla committed its first terrorist attack. >> the end of a long day, we walked down these stairs. i noticed a couple of pe
Aug 18, 2009 5:00am EDT
an oil spill in the san francisco bay. pollution investigators are looking at the situation. the boat was sitting lotion the water. it is now resting on the bottom. >> coming up, the next time you head out the door, make sure you know which restaurateur offering a deal. we will tell you about some of them. >> more of the smart phones has turned into a war against them. some users are unhappy about the features. >> we have an accident on northbound 83 to watch out for. >> crain highway is shut down in both directions. the alternate is going to be ritchie highway or 97. police are hoping to have that open around 7:00 a.m. we will keep posted to see that actually happens. and the harrisburg expressway northbound at middletown there is an accident there. it is involving a car and a dump truck. it is not affecting traffic to much on the 83. live drive times. 11 minutes on the outer loop. 95 northbound -- eight minutes. everything is moving fine on those major roadways. the inner loop and our loop are doing well. white marsh is looking good. a water main break though near bel air road. that
Aug 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
juan jabloteh goleo 3-0 a san francisco y tambie clasico, mientras que en estos momentos real espaÑa le esta ganando 2-0 a liberia mia... hasta aqui los deportes buenas noches a todos... ??????? 
Aug 13, 2009 3:05am EDT
about the san francisco councilman both on the list. they were accepted posthumously. >> when we return, a very different subject. a new and successful niche for x-rated video producers. >> selling sex. how that's that for a tease? >> i'll stick around. how that's that for a tease? >> i'll stick around. make you per >> this next story is sure to make you perk up. the multi-million dollar adult video business has been struggling because people can find it for free online. >> i wouldn't know anything about that. but now the industry is selling sex to women and that means big changes in the way erotic videos are made and marketed. david wright explains. >> reporter: we all know sex sells. increasingly sex sells to women. >> here's to meeting guys in bars. >> reporter: perhaps it's the cultural influence of carrie bradshaw and her posse. >> i thought it would be all scary and weird but it isn't. it's pink for girls. >> reporter: or maybe the success of "sex in the city" spoke to a deeper cultural change for women. >> women have been interested in it all along. there have been more people
Aug 13, 2009 3:05am EDT
heads but across the country in san francisco they're old news. good vibrations has been around 30 years, run by women for women selling the latest sex toys. business has grown steadily, 20% year after year, even during the recession sales are up 11%. >> san francisco might well be the capital city of this kind of sexual exploration and certainly beinopen about it as we are. >> reporter: and not judgmental. >> and nonjudgmental. >> reporter: perhaps it's no surprise that san francisco is home to what may be the cutting edge of female sexploration. not your average yoga studio. 15 minutes of yoga is just the warmup. there's also 15 minutes of quiet meditation. >> becoming an explorer of the breath. >> reporter: also a warmup. when the bell sounds again, the gloves go on the men, the pants come off the women and soon the studio erupts in female ecstasy. at one taste they do this at least once every single day. it kind of looks like a yoga class but with a much different finish. >> yes. >> reporter: 15 minutes? >> 15 minutes. >> reporter: that's a lot of orgasm. >> that's a lot of orga
Aug 31, 2009 4:30am EDT
, and jay cutler returns to defer for some revenge. don't look now but the san francisco giants have slammed their way into a pennant race. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> while much of the country is getting a taste of fall, still watching the hot weather out west and the fire forecast for l.a. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." >>> in sports, the san francisco giants are having fun, so are their fans. that's what being in the thick of things can do for a team. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. with all eyes on the n.l. west, it's easy to forget about the surging giants, but not anymore. renteria put the giants on top with a grand slam in the seventh. giants win 9-5 and tie the rockies for the wild card lead in the n.l. pitched a complete game one-hitter. braky retired the 22 he faced. if the royals were any good, braky would be a sure shot cy young and mvp winner. he picked up his 13th win, sunk the mariner
Aug 13, 2009 4:30am EDT
newest penguins at the san francisco zoo were marched out for the cameras yesterday and introduced to their new mates on the zoo's penguin island. there are more than 50 magellanic penguins in the colony, making it the largest in captivity. >>> straight ahead, your thursday morning weather. >>> and in sports, a great arm is throwing again. pedro martinez takes the mound for the phillies in chicago. for a pure clean, there is one clear choice: all free clear 2x concentrated detergent. all free clear's powerful clean is free of the ingredients you'll find in most detergents: no perfumes... no dyes... no preservatives... free clear is specially designed for people with sensitive skin and has powerful stainlifters, so you can trust it to get the job done right. free clear is the number-one detergent recommended by dermatologists... so, for a pure clean, all free clear is all you need. i tried tousle me softly mousse. with violet fragrance... and touch-hold technology. then i tousled and became a rock star! ♪ with soft, touchable, free-flowing waves. ( music stops ) clearly, someone's
Aug 20, 2009 5:00am EDT
but look at their lombard street in san francisco. this curvy street goes topsy turvy to celebrate one of america's sweetest board games. hearts happy... ...and big hearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. (cheerios spilling) cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big. <.you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not fresh express. at the peanos,ss, we harvest everÑoÑo ...then capture that natural goodness for salads so consistently fresh and delicis... ...they' guaranteed. fresh express. consistently, deliciously fresh. >>> topping business news today, the justice department and irs reached a historic agreement with swiss banking giant ubs to obtain the identities of thousands of americans suspected of hiding their assets in the overseas bank. the agreement for information on nearly 4,500 accounts comes after a year of legal wrangling. the news is expected to prod thousands more ubs clients in america to voluntarily disclose their financial
Aug 19, 2009 11:30pm EDT
auto sin encontrar matrimonio. y una famosa calle de san francisco adquiere nueva notoriedad. en seguida. téónÑuztkph@h@h@téónÑuxtdkph@ >> en mÉxico de senos en personas se preparan para los bailarines tratan de tener lista la presentaciÓn para el prÓximo dÍa 29,, por lo -29 personas bailan al mismo tiempo. ese mismo dÍa, jackson cumplirÍa 51 aÑos de edad y sus restos serÁn sepultados en california. una pareja la salida querÍa hacer una boda fuera de lo comÚn,para ello acudieron a un local que desde el pasado mes de julio realiza bodas como si fuera un restaurante y recogiera su comida sin bajarse del automÓvil. la persona que los casa dice que lo Único que se necesita es una licencia de matrimonio,dos testigos y $20, y todos absolutamente legal. y la calle mÁs llena de curvas en el mundo es hoy tambiÉn la mÁs dulce del planeta, en san francisco, donde se ha preparado un gigantesco tablero del famoso juego candylanen honor al aniversario 60 de esa entretenimiento. vestirÁn con los colores del juego y disfrutarÁ de las tradiciones caramelos, helados y otr
Aug 23, 2009 10:00am EDT
their own obituaries. major cities like san francisco and boston may soon face a future without a single daily broad sheet. "the san francisco chronicle" and "the boston globe" are in big trouble. they're institutions really, as much part of those santos as rice-a-roni. bob, we're getting down to it. in the seven years this program has been on every week we've lost a fifth of circulation of sunday papers right now. >> it's sad. but the question is, the newspapers are going, are changing, there's no question about that. we're going through a real convulsion. but does journalism live? and i am really optimistic about journalism. that what tina does, magazines, television, there are great stories out there, great journalism is being done. and i think the younger generation really mainlines the information. they get it free. and i think if it is not available, people -- young people are going to say ok, we need to develop business models like tina's doing and it will work and people make money. so, you know, a period of deep trauma but there is life at the end. chris: tina, what people like
FOX News
Aug 10, 2009 7:00pm EDT
park in santa clara. that is, by the way, just outside of san francisco. this is from our fox affiliate ktvu up in the bay area. look at some of these people. now, look at the contraption. they are using a cherry picker to get people out. this thing, by the way, is called invert go. it means that queazy feeling you get when you are upside down. never has that been more true than today for the people on board this roller coaster going up and then upside down and then having to hang there. this thing all began, by the way, around 1:30 p.m. in the west coast. more than three hours ago, which means these people in some instances have been stuck upside down in this roller coaster and right side up in other cases for the better part of three hours. local reports say 32 people at the time were on the ride when it stopped. fire crews have managed, by the way, as you can see the cherry picker, fire crews have managed to get some of them down safely. as you can imagine, this is a very slow and tedious process because you bring one person down, and then you have to readjust that ladder. and you ha
Aug 24, 2009 6:30pm EDT
trabajando con la ciudad de san francisco. también tmdos estamos unidos que si tenemos uno o dos casos no vamos a cerrar nada. claro si toda una escuela le da, tenemos que visitar eso. pero estamos muy preparados. >> mientras tanto un panel científico de la casa blanca urgió acelerar la entrega de las vacunas. continúan adelante sin inconvenientes. y aunque ha habido algunos retrasos en la producción de la vacuna las autoridades necesidad ra autoridades federales de salud planean empezar una masiva ha mediados de octubre. >> vámonos a la pausa comercial y enseguida nuevo video de fui ese do dd.saluve vol bn estado de salud. volvemos. ypbjlp >> el trabajo cubano reveló nuevas imágenes de fidel castro en ella castro luce recuperado a la delicada operación que se sometió, algunas fotos lo muestran reunidos con jóvenes venezolanos. veamos las reacciones que han provocado las imágenes. >> durante la reunión el ex gobernante cubano habló sobre temas ecológicos asunto que ha abordado en sus últimas intervenciones. >> hasta el pentágono se ha metido, ha metido el cambio cl
Aug 17, 2009 9:00am EDT
% contained. according to the san francisco chronicle. now, the associated press says it has burned about 10 miles of land, some people are being allowed back into the homes in that area after mandatory evacuations. and the ap also says the fire in santa barbara county is about 64% contained, it has burned about 135 square miles of timber and brush. officials believe it started at an illegal camp run by mexican drug dealers. >>> and farther north, the fire is about 15% contained. it has burned more than 2,000 acres so far. officials think it started when a bird flew into a wire and caught on fire. it's awfully dry out there. so it seems like anything can spark a fire. >> you have to remember this part of the climate. it's a mediterranean style climate. in sicily or italy where you'd find on the central coast of california. it's not only that you have the dry conditions, but you have very tough topography. a lot of hills and mountains in that area. we're going to enlarge google earth and show you what they're up against. not only the rocky conditions and the high ranges in many spots along th
Aug 27, 2009 5:00pm EDT
at the moment. i'm in front of the garrido's house in antioch, california, just outside of san francisco. you can see behind me all these vehicles here, those vehicles belong to law enforcement. we've seen about 20 or so fbi agents, and local police officers conducting a search warrant on this house, taking various things out of this house. still an ongoing case. we should tell you that just about -- in an hour from now, the eldorado county sheriff's department, that's the area where the now young woman was abducted all those years ago, they're going to be holding a press conference in an hour from now. and give us more details on this case, mike. >> we'll be following that. let's start with jaycee. how is she doing? what do we know? >> reporter: in terms of how she's doing, according to the authorities, she is actually in good health. we know that the fbi got involved in this case, and telephoned her mother, jaycee's mother. and the mother obviously was surprised, ecstatic. i'm not sure that even captures it. in any event, there was a conversation between the mother and her daughter. the mot
Aug 1, 2009 5:00pm EDT
's dan simon reports from san francisco. >> marijuana is california's biggest cash crop valued at $14 billion. worth more than grapes and vegetab vegetables, but the state doesn't get a dime from it. state law may eck tom automatic yawn kn ami mian wants to change >> that particularly with the economics knit state. >> he has response aerd bill to legalize and tax marijuana. legal pot to california's 21 and older could bring the cash strapped state $1.4 billion in revenue. >> i think, you know, you would have some kind of retail outlet and it could be a walgreens, it could be a hospital. >> the idea got a boost from governor schwarzenegger who has spent months trying to avert a budget catastrophe. >> i think we also study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalized marijuana. >> most law makers do not support broad legalization so advocates are also working towards a 2010 ballot initiative to let videoers decide. according it a field poll, 56% of californians support legalization. on the local level meanwhile the easiest way to cash in is by taxing medical cannibi
Aug 5, 2009 9:00pm EDT
simon, our cnn correspondent. he's in san francisco. i believe right outside where al gore's headquarters are for his television network. dan, what's the latest on the family reunion? >> reporter: yeah, hi, larry. as you said, this is where current is based here in san francisco. but the two young women, they are based in los angeles. we can tell you that they are home tonight after that very dramatic homecoming today. we're getting some early details about their treatment in north korea. most of these details coming from laura ling's sister, lisa. lisa ling telling reporters today that laura and euna for the most part were kept in isolation from one another. they really did not have the opportunity to see each other. they did see each other during the trial which happened on june 2nd. they embraced each other then. but from then on out they didn't have a chance to be with each other. that must have been incredibly stressful. i'm sure a lot people have questions about the food. lisa ling saying that the food quality was poor. that laura really looking forward to good food a
Aug 11, 2009 8:00pm EDT
to henry kay lee, reporter with ft. the san francisco chronicle." it's very difficult for me to believe, just applying common sense, that a 5-year-old little boy, who has cerebral palsy, has braces on both legs, he can barely walk, could just walk away from the car and get lost. i don't see it. and how could others not see him being taken from that car? >> that's right, nancy. that's a very good question. so, the police are trying to see if, in fact, little hassani campbell was taken away from the bmw that belongs to his foster parent. it's his foster dad that was trying to drop him off at his biological aunt's shoe store. the fact that no one saw him either walking around or being kidnapped is of grave concern. we don't know where he is at this moment. but police are investigating, nancy. >> to sebastian koontz, reporter with kew talk 910. thank you for being with us. it's my understanding that police are saying the foster dad has been totally cleared. >> i understand that's also the case, nancy. in fact, we that understand the bmw, the vehicle that the boy had been in, up to the point
FOX News
Aug 3, 2009 8:00pm EDT
be heard. >> thank you. no comment. >> sir, no comment? bill: obviously not. joining us from san francisco, radio talk show host thom hartman. crisis of western culture and from portland, oregon radio talk show host. no doubt it's happening at the university of oregon. and you know, the provost onen objectsously doesn't know he says he doesn't know. i can't believe he doesn't know it how could coo coo -- how could this happen? >> i think it could happen because there is a bias in favor of liberal points of view that are run by government. these are government-run institutions. that's one reason. awful lot of those who know how to do things go out to the private sector and do things rather than staying in liberal institutions like universities and teaching about them only. bill: outside of the county where you are, oregon is a fairly traditional state. and to have just 8 republicans out of 186, i mean, that's indoctrination, lars. the taxpayers should be outraged about it. they are funding the school. >> they should be. there is a reason why they call it the people's republic politic of lan
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
in recess, nancy pelosi attended a healthcare event in san francisco, but was dogged by a democratic party feud from back east over compromises that one of her top lieutenants, energy committee chairman henry waxman made last week on healthcare reform with fiscally conservative blue dog democrats on the panel. 62 democrats on the progressive caucus wrote today vowing to fight waxman's measure, saying our continued support is contingent on a robust public plan, similar to what was reported out of the committees on ways and means an education and labor." they wrote "furthermore, the bills must be restored, and the final bill brought to the house floor must include these house provisions or we will oppose the bill. " but the nation's ongoing economic recession threatens to torpedo any meaningful healthcare industry reform. an associated press study of income tax revenues finds this year shaping up to be the worst since the great depression year of 1932, with uncle sam's total tax receipts projected to decline by 18%. bret: james rosen live on capitol hill. wisconsin democratic congressman ste
Aug 14, 2009 6:00am EDT
delays for tampa, jacksonville, san francisco, you'll see 30 minutes to an hour due to fog. all in all, things are looking better across the country. >>> some of you are going to want to buy some of this. researchers have found a jean that lets you get by on less sleep. researchers have found a gene that lets you get by on less sleep. >>> and flower children, hair, peace, and love. woodstock was 40 years old this weekend? pl are suspended over last week's midair collision between a plane and helicopter. the controller who was handling the plane's flight was on the phone and a supervisor wasn't around. they do not think their actions contributed to the accident. >>> more than 2,000 people have evacuated from this wildfire. firefighters are hoping to get support from firefighting helicopters and airplanes today. that fire has burned nearly 3,000 acres and it's getting close to homes and businesses. >>> all seven spkt suspects in murder of a florida couple pleaded not guilty yesterday. six adults and 1-teen are accused of robbing the byrds and shooting them last month. those are just a f
Aug 28, 2009 5:00pm EDT
enforcement analyst mike brooks. henry lee is joining us from the "san francisco chronicle," also with us, pam, the mother of the kidnapped victim sean hornbeck. can't wait to get that side of the story as well. let's start with henry lee, "san francisco chronicle." henry, tell us about the new search, the new allegations that he could have possibly killed prostitutes as well. >> that's a possibility, indeed. pitsburg police, the neighboring agency to antioch, today looking for any evidence that could link mr. garrido to the unsolved prostitute homicides from the 1990s. he apparently worked in the area where these bodies were dumped. so naturally, the cops wanted to see if he's linked at all to these cases. >> okay. henry, besides the industrial park where he worked, back to the '90s, when the crimes took place, do we have anything else that might link garrido? or do we know at this point? >> we do not know what is outlined in the search warrants. suffice it to say, we do not expect to have, of course, anybody in the compound, or anyone within the backyard. this comes a couple days after an in
Aug 27, 2009 6:30pm EDT
, 18 years later, police are searching a house near san francisco after arresting a couple on suspicion of kidnapping. the man is a registered sex offender. he and his wife were detained after walking into a police station with a young woman who later told police officers she was the missing girl. >> my hope was to be able to recover her and prosecute these people. we get her back alive and she sounds like she is ok. >> dna tests are being done on the woman. they are 99% sure. >> more on that to come for sure. muslims and malaysia have been banned -- in malaysia have been banned on attending a concert by the black eyed peas. this because the event is sponsored by guinness. it would be an achievement even for the most experienced sailor but at the age of 17, he has become the youngest person to sail around the world. >> just before 10:00 this morning, this 17-year-old sailed into the record books. he became the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe. he got a much-needed hug from his father. this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs
Aug 11, 2009 5:00am EDT
a una santa muy milagrosa, muy milagrosa, que es santa clara de asÍs, amiga de san francisco de asÍs. de puerto rico en el popular en la magia popular cuando hay muchos problemas, mucha guerra, se pone una clara de huevo en un vaso de agua, se dice santa clara aclara el problema que sea y para ti aries te dice en este dÍas que busca primero la paz y armonÍa con guerra no se consigue nada recuerdalo siempre. tauro te dice que saque tiempo ahora para reflexionar, pensar, meditar, o sea, tratar de usar los recursos importantes en tu interior tauro. >>> geminis intuiciÓn, los que yo conozco captan las cosas del ambiente. >>> cÁncer un arcoiris de muchas ilusiones, esperanzas, nuevos intereses, nuevos amores llegan a tu vida, aunque tÚ lo creas a veces tÚ dudas. leo fama y fortuna van de la mano. virgo, quÉ hay lo que te afecta, molesta, lo que te dÉjalo ir h@trczscjkwkph@h@h@trczsc@flkpho como una nueva vida para ti el pasado encerrado, ido ar renace, acuar acuario, profecÍa, el ta roto, las ruinas tienen un mensaje para ti. atento, a intentento acuario. piscis la victoria es tuya t
Aug 24, 2009 6:00am EDT
-hour delays there. you get a bumpy ride towards the northern plains and upper midwest. san francisco, morning fog, watch for 30 minutes and one-hour delay. you average an hour delay first part of the morning. that's about it. not that bad. time for the i report of the day. surf is up thanks to hurricane bill. we got these pictures from jersey over the weekend. these kind of waves don't happen all the time. i can attest to that. this is spring like near yoesh an grove. waves like this come around, richard, once every four to five years in jersey. >> you were saying before we went on air, doggone it. >> i was looking at it friday. i knew the swell would be there. i couldn't get up there. there's your forecast. >> all right. >> you become the i-reporter and give us your views. more details in a bit. >> some of the pictures you have of bob surfing, please don't. >>> passengers were stuck on the tarmac for hours this weekend. one airline is changing its policy after the long waiting game. >>> a vh1 reality tv contestant suspected in the murder of his wife is dead. the d.a.'s office sa
Aug 17, 2009 1:00pm EDT
rhetoric? we will take you to san francisco, where the answer is a resounding no. >>> so is the future of affordable health care for everyone existing right now in san francisco? as part of our health care in focus series, san francisco photojournalist jeff king and jim castle break down the program known as healthy san francisco. >> right in here. >> i had mitral valve prolapse. i was diagnosed with that about nine years ago. after i lost my insurance, i would have to pay out of pocket for everything, 100%. it would have been really costly, more costly than i could have afforded. probably eventually i would have died. it was scary. i thought it was really unfair and just not right, basically, that you should allow anybody to die because they cannot get coverage, they can't get help even though they're trying to do the right thing. that's why i sought out the clinics that are here in san francisco. >> healthy san francisco is a coverage model that provides medical care, hospital care, emergency care, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, radiology, for people within san francisco. any adult who
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
thunderstorm and morning fog could get us a slowdown a bit. atlanta and san francisco, 30 minutes to one-hour delays here. more on that in about a half hour. >> you got it. >>> a baby taken from the body of a slain pregnant woman is now the center of a custody battle. find out who is fighting over the infant and her 18-month old sister. )%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%% >>> former president bill clinton arrived in north korea this morn. he's hoping to win the release of two o american journalists being held there. laura ling and euna lee were sentenced to 12 years in prison after illegally crossing the board. the taliban says it's trying to show the government can't protect its capitol. >>> the city has been relatively violent-free compared to the rest of afghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibility and sayses that there will be more before this month ee elections there. >>> president obama celebrate add new g. ifrmt bill with hundreds of veterans in virginia yesterday. he calls it a moral obligation to our young servicemen andwomen. former president bush signed it last year. those are some o
Aug 25, 2009 6:00am EDT
to be san francisco, morning fog, about a half hour, maybe a little bit longer. that's about it. more weather in just about 20 minutes. >> okay. good. i'm glad it's going to be good day. >>> tire shop workers called animal control when they found a goat inside a woman's trunk. the woman told them about it and they opened it up when they heard the goat crying. it was painted purple and gold. the minnesota viking colors and it had brett favre's numbers shaved into it. >> almost like a child. >> it wasn't funny. if it was a customer and they were tied up in a trunk, they wouldn't think it was oklahoma. >> the goat is okay. it was taken to a nearby farm and named brett. >> what is wrong with people? >> seriously. >>> here is rafer with more. >> good morning, robin. this south african runner, they're outraged over this gender controversy. it would appear in south africa in her home country where she was greet like a rock star. they were dancing and caring signs like caster, first lady of sports. some held up headlines, she's a girl. if you remember, she was asked to take a vendor test. the
Aug 26, 2009 6:00am EDT
winds today. atlanta, east wind. 30-minute delay there. san francisco, yesterday they had a 56-minute delay. today, 30 minutes to close to an hour. more on that in just a little bit. >>> okay. are you a woman who's breaking a mold or knows a woman who is? we're look for strong women who have overcome big challenges to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. starting in october i'm going to be profiling inspirational stories in "breakthrough women." if you want to nominate women, go to and scroll down. >>> for the first time a girl was a hero in a little league series. here's rafer with more on that. the breakthrough girl. >> it's really impressive. this young girl was one of two girls playing in the her name is katie reyes from vancouver, british columbia. bases loaded. he hits a single to drive in two runs. she says when she came up to the plate she was shaking. canada takes a one-run lead over germany, and she's happy. then in the final inning, katie also got the final out for team canada. she's playing first base. watch how she stretches. to get that
Aug 16, 2009 7:30am EDT
story. this following program is dedicated to the city and people of san francisco. >> reporter: oversized sky scrapers, bridges, other landmarks make san francisco a tourist destination, but it's the thousands of small businesses that keep the city ticking and it's the history behind these doors that makes one small business so special. >> the store was started in 1905 by mr. brownstone, hence the name brownie's. >> reporter: by the time steven cornell's family took over in the '50s, the store had become an institution. an integral part of the neighborhood as much for who it served as well as who it hired. >> i owned the store since 1974, i had employees here longer than i have been. >> reporter: the perception is the big box stores can sell merchandise cheaper, cornell knows he needs to give customers something the big guys can't. that's where his employees come in. >> when customers come in here, see familiar faces, they want to go over and talk to lisa, who knows a lot about this. they know lisa knows it. or they want to talk to harry who knows themselves and is familiar wit
Aug 21, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. cowboys will be home next saturday against san francisco. what a crowd. 75,000 people for preseason game. mcgee throws. the pass is wrestled away by rodney hannah for the touchdown. took it away from gerald mcrath. with 1:53 remaining on the game clock, a 22-yard touchdown throw from stephen mcgee. >> troy: got him standing up at tight end. runs straight you through the seam. gets the step on mcrath and wrestles it away from him. not a great throw, but because mcrath wasn't watching, it gave hannah a chance to make a play on it without mcrath being able to turn around and knock that play down first. >> joe: hannah is the first year player free agent on the practice squad for dallas last year. it's now 30-10. how big is this place? how many special spots are there in this new stadium? pam oliver not only has her own dressing room, has her own star on the door. the jonas brothers have dressed in here. the -- i would imagine george strait, paul mccartney. >> troy: i was told sir mccartney. >> joe: now "p" to the "o," pam oliver. yeah. finally. we may never get her to leave. now we have to g
Aug 16, 2009 6:00pm EDT
is in santa cruz county, south of san francisco. it is now 50% contained. but conditions can change very qui quickly. so far, more than 2,000 people have been evacuated there. >>> today, the obama administration was sending signals about a potentially major shift in the health care fight. it looks like the white house may be ready to back down on what had been one of the president's top priorities. here's john cochran. >> reporter: the president's health secretary sate choice and competition will be in health insurance. >> that is not the accecptable element. >> look, the the fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been. so to continue to chase that rabbit, i think, is just a wasted effort. >> reporter: so senator conrad has come up with an alternative. public cooperatives not run by the government. the government would give them money to get started. membership in co-ops would be voluntary. they would use their buying power as large groups to negotiate for better and cheaper medical coverage. would republicans go alon
Aug 22, 2009 5:00pm EDT
1900 la ciudad de san francisco por orden de los supervisores decidieron que no podrÍan tener gente enterrada en la ciad de san francisco, porque la tierra era muy valiosa. >> ese mismo aÑo miles de cadÁveres fueron desenterrados y enterrados en colma. desde entonces la ley sigue vigente, es decir, que si una persona tw@ >> sÍ. yo personalmente estuve pintando el mausoleo, y cuando removida al otro cuarto, las sillas y la mesa se movieron. medio pÁnico y tuve que salirme de allÁ. pero eran como las dos de la maÑana. >> los cementerios estÁn muy bien distribuidos. por ejemplo, los japoneses tienen el suyo propio. asimismo, los italianos, los chinos, los judÍos y hasta las mascotas tienen en colma un lugar para su retorno descanso. de hecho, el mausoleo mÁs grande del mundo estÁ aquÍ. marta llevado 17 aÑos viviendo entre los muertos, a ella no hay nadie que en la saque de colma. >> a la policÍa siempre esta chequeando las calles, uno puede dejar su puerta abierta y todo estÁ tranquilo. h@h@twreixefakph@h@twreixfclkpÁ llorando sobre la tumba. aquÍ yacen los restos de la
Aug 21, 2009 11:00pm EDT
will be home next saturday against san francisco. what a crowd. 75,000 people for preseason game. mcgee throws. the pass is wrestled away by rodney hannah for the touchdown. took it away from gerald mcrath. with 1:53 remaining on the game clock, a 22-yard touchdown throw from stephen mcgee. >> troy: got him standing up at tight end. runs straight you through the seam. gets the step on mcrath and wrestles it away from him. not a great throw, but because mcrath wasn't watching, it gave hannah a chance to make a play on it without mcrath being able to turn around and knock that play down first. >> joe: hannah is the first year player free agent on the practice squad for dallas last year. it's now 30-10. how big is this place? how many special spots are there in this new stadium? pam oliver not only has her own dressing room, has her own star on the door. the jonas brothers have dressed in here. the -- i would imagine george strait, paul mccartney. >> troy: i was told sir mccartney. >> joe: now "p" to the "o," pam oliver. yeah. finally. we may never get her to leave. now we have to go back to real
Aug 11, 2009 11:00pm EDT
of a gas engine. otherwise, it operates as an electric car with a 40-mile range. next june san francisco and washington will be the first two cities to receive volts from the assembly line. >> absolutely. this is great. we never thought washington would be on the forefront. of course we are the nation's capital. >> some are touting the fact that cars like the volt could offer the u.s. a way out of foreign oil dependence and improve national security at the same time by denying oil revenue to nations that would use our dollars against us. for more information go to energy .maryland .gov. >> little better this evening as compared to this time on monday as well. let's talk about your forecast first. overnight we will keep showers in the forecast. partly cloudy. muggy. few storms still possible. 68 to 76 for lows. weare mid-70s 70mid-s mi atwn wnmpdo ghs tenoatt e arstill a lilee ththe warm side. k.erced l stilfrederick. still er 81in leesburg. 77 in manassas. we will talk about if the 90s are gone for any length of time. >> thank you, looking forward to it. >>> a rugby player taken down by
Aug 24, 2009 11:00pm EDT
undrafted. now he beats out alex smith out in san francisco. well, after going 6-0 on their last homestand, the nats had hopes. a stint that ended today when a record of 1-6. get away matinie for the nats against the brewers. balance sister on the mound -- ballistere on theon the mound. no doubt to left. nats down 2-1. then five batters later bases juiced for garrett. he pokes one up the middle. beer makers score six in the 6th and beat the nats 7-1. the o's at the dome in minnesota. and this is why it's nice when teams have their bullpens along the foul lines instead of in the outfield. because when a guy makes a great catch, he can just have a seat and rest awhile on the bench. just chill out. have some gatorade while you're there. finally tonight, if only sky nine could do this. this is from an air show in chicago. we've seen planes do barrel rolls before. but have you ever seen a helicopter go upside down and then all the way around? . i didn't think they could. just for good measure, watch what he does after that. he goes up and over the top. i'm telling you, if angie goth flew in one
Aug 17, 2009 11:00am EDT
corruption indictment. among the laundry list of charges. >>> so san francisco is the first u.s. city to have a health care program that everyone can afford because the cost is based on how much you make. photo journalist jeff king and jim castle show us how it works. >> right in here. >> i had my row valve prolapse. i was diagnosed with that about nine years ago. after i lost my insurance about i would have to pay out of pocket for everything, 100%. i would have been really costly, more costly than i could have afforded. possibly eventually i could have died. it was scary. i thought it was very unfair and not right basically that you should allow anybody to die because they cannot get coverage. they can't get help even though they're trying to do the right thing. that's why i sought out the clinics that are here in san francisco. >> healthy san francisco is a coverage motto. it provided health care, pharmaceutic pharmaceutical, laboratory, radiology. for people within san francisco. any adult who is uninsured in san francisco can qualify. how much people are required to pay depending upon wh
Aug 30, 2009 9:00am EDT
sun on san francisco bay, the dock that inspired otis redding in the 1960s. >> this is the bay. this is the dock. he was sitting here. >> reporter: that is still providing inspiration to all the others who have made these house boat docks their homes. ♪ sitting on the dock of the bay ♪ >> reporter: stan and his wife sonia have been living here more than 20 years. >> it changes your view of where you live and how you live your life because you're surrounded by the natural world. >> reporter: but in these natural surroundings, the architecture is often anything but natural. there's one called the owl. and one fashioned as the taj mahal. another seemingly designed for a princess. there are tug boats and ferries converted into homes. this water-born community in the town of sausalito across the bay from san francisco has long been known as a home to free spirits. >> any time someone could make a floatable base or find one and then they just built whatever they wanted. there were no codes. so whatever a person could dream they made. ♪ living on a house boat out on the bay ♪
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